Sabina is a Buyer’s Specialist on The Dawn Griffin Team at Circa Properties.  Earning a business management degree from UMSL followed by an MBA from SIUE gave her a solid foundation to start a career in the recruiting industry. There she honed excellent customer service and business problem solving abilities as she matched skilled workers with specific client needs. She’s a great listener, which serves her buyers well.

I try to live by the lessons and values learned from my dad, who is a carpenter and builder. His examples of hard work, perseverance, and commitment influence how I conduct my professional and personal life.

Sabina is thrilled with the opportunity to combine her passion for people and problem solving, with her love for houses and St. Louis. Her dad’s career fostered in her a strong appreciation for the details that make every home “home”.

Sabina’s family moved to St. Louis from overseas when she was two. Consequently she speaks Russian and Bosnian semi-fluently. She loves learning about languages and cultures and believes travel is the best teacher. When not working, she enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and relaxing with family. She’s a huge craft brew fan, loves to bake, and is a nutrition and fitness enthusiast.

There’s literally everything you could think of in St. Louis, if you’re willing to explore. I’ve lived here basically my whole life, and I still find myself finding a cool new spot all the time.

When you are ready to explore the neighborhoods of St. Louis looking for a new home, Sabina will happily be your guide, listening and learning with you along the way.

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