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Angie’s List

Dawn helped us sell our home in November 2021. Since we are seniors, we were concerned about what would be needed to get our house market-ready. Dawn assessed our home and gave us an easy plan that we felt comfortable following. As difficult as it is to sell a loved home, Dawn and her team made our adventure seamless. Timelines were set, priorities established and it was pretty much smooth sailing!

Until the sailing wasn't smooth and an unexpected twist with a second buyer entered the process at the final hour. In the heat of navigating offers, real estate legalities, and the best outcome for us, Dawn was quick-thinking, fair, and strategic. She patiently communicated with us at every step. So, although we value how easily Dawn guided us to market, we are even more impressed at how she calmly responded to unusual conditions under pressure.

A true professional! The Dawn Griffin Team would be our first choice of agents if we were to buy or sell a home again. The experience exceeded our expectations.

The Saunders, Shaw

Tremendous, remarkable, great, terrific, impressive, outstanding, phenomenal, wonderful, sensational, magnificent, first-rate. These are all synonyms for FANTASTIC- That’s the best word to describe Dawn Griffin and her team. From the first meeting where she presented her approach, to the closing at her office, Dawn and her team are hands down the best realtor I have ever worked with. I have sold eight houses in my life in different parts of the county and have never experienced such professionalism, enthusiasm, and polish. Every person- Dawn, David, Kristen, and Andrea treat you like you are the most important seller on the market. They know to get a house sold, and have a team of service professionals to deal with anything that needs attention after inspection. My only regret is that I moved out of state and will not have the opportunity to work with them again. If you are looking for a quality team to get your house sold, and for top dollar- Call Dawn Griffin!

Scott D., Soulard

This group is amazing. Lance was our realtor. We were first time home buyers and he was very informative and patient with all of our queries. Lance has been present for the inspections for so many of the home he’s sold that he’s almost an amateur inspector; when he takes you through a house for the first time, he knows what to look for and point out. From what I’ve heard, this is above and beyond standard practice. They work with a title group in office and they have a great list of local lenders. This whole package was amazing. I can’t wait to use them again for each of my home buying experiences over the next many years.

Mike S., Maplewood

We are so excited to be in our new home. Working with Lance has made this experience so great! He knows his stuff and helped us seal the deal on our dream home! Can't wait to work with Dawn on selling our home in South St. Louis. The whole team, including Andrea and Kristin, made the transition so easy. Thanks to the whole Dawn Griffin Group!

Diane & Jerry, Tower Grove South

We would recommend Dawn to anyone needing a real estate agent in the St. Louis area. We will be using this team again in the future! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Christine and Michael, Lafayette Square

Dawn and her team worked tirelessly for us from start to finish. They really listened and asked us thoughtful questions to understand what we were looking for in a home and they were incredibly helpful and engaged during the shopping phase of the process, providing us with great suggestions and insights on things to consider when visiting properties, making an offer, and negotiating a final contract. At all times, we felt like we had their support and attention. Start to finish, there was a perfect blend of deep expertise and awesome communication skills.

Carolyn and Martin, Webster Groves

Everyone on the Dawn Griffin team was great! They made the process easy AND enjoyable! I would highly recommend them!

Kathy S., Clayton

I know she had many listings but she made us feel like we were her most important client. It was an uncertain market when we put the house up for sale but she had a good feel for what to expect. In addition, on the buyer side, she did more than just take us to showings. She provided us with detailed comps and offered invaluable insight. We would not hesitate to use her again.

Amy and Brian, Tower Grove South

Dawn was very attentive and easy to trust from the get go, even though we were all the way across the country and initial communication was via email. She worked very hard within our guidelines and inside our limited time frame. She communicated exceptionally well and gave us invaluable strategies to use to help us make our decision on which home to finally make an offer on. The experience would've been painful without her! We continue to value her expertise and friendship.

Anne and Derrick, Tower Grove South

Dawn and team are WONDERFUL and we were SO grateful for their guidance and support in the home-selling process. Dawn was patient, responsive, and knowledgable. She truly went above and beyond in so many ways. We were considering a for-sale-by-owner process at the outset but we commented so many times how grateful we were to have gone with Dawn. She was able to advocate for us and shepherd us through a few tricky situations and we were ultimately very happy with the result!

Claire, Old North

The entire team is amazing! They are thoughtful, supportive, helpful, and calming during what can be a chaotic and stressful process. Working with this team means you will have professional experts who are also personable. If you are buying or selling in the St. Louis area, use this team!

The Holyokes, Tower Grove East & Brentwood

Dawn's knowledge of the city, her patience with our decision making, and her savvy in negotiating made what could have been an anxiety-filled process much easier and even fun.

Rachel and Ted, Tower Grove South