Emma Hand provides Client and Community Outreach for The Dawn Griffin Group. She cultivates authentic connections between clients, communities, and causes. She thrives on the synergy and goodwill that often results, creating her absolute favorite thing: a win-win-win!

My role on the team is to spark conversation and connection between different people, neighborhoods, organizations, and communities — figuring out how we can engage across common interests and goals. I love working with this team, because of the diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and the dedication to serving clients and growing a presence in new ways. I’m excited to see what we can develop as we partner more in the community.

After growing up in the Tower Grove area, Emma moved to the East Coast for college. After four years in Boston, she moved to Southern California for the weather. She migrated north and, several years later, in 2010, she and her husband left the San Francisco area to return to St. Louis, landing in the Central West End where they live in a 1906 home which is now full and active with two girls and one dog. Emma’s hobby is to design useful products that connect people with the deeper meaning and purpose of life. She illustrated and licensed a line of kindness-themed artwork for use on all kinds of everyday objects. She designed a series of photo storybooks customizable with printed photos. Most recently, Emma designed and manufactured a lightweight frame that is perfect for the casual display of favorite photos. Emma is an entrepreneur by nature and has worked for various companies and publications in creative, sales, and management roles – primarily focused on fostering collaboration between various stakeholders.

In her spare time, Emma enjoys cooking, gardening, running, badminton, art, interior design. And coffee. She really really likes coffee. She’d love to share one with you – reach out anytime!

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