Hey everybody, look! I am famous. This Old House blog used one of my photos of the Shaw neighborhood. They misspelled my name but they got the Circa Properties part right.

The Shaw Neighborhood was selected as one of the best places in the Midwest to buy an old home for the quality of architecture and the values in the neighborhood.

My very first house was in the Shaw Neighborhood. It is pictured below. It is the stone two-family in the middle. The people who owned it before me bought it for about 50K, they lived there for about 10 years and did a tremendous amount of work, then they sold it to me and my business partner for 162,000. The single family on the corner was purchased for 315K and the one on the other side has a replacement value of 600K which means that to rebuild it the way it stands would cost at least $600,000. My feeling is that it would probably cost more because houses today just are not built the same as they were 100 years ago. So, I think This Old House got it right when they said the Shaw Neighborhood is one of the best place to buy an old house!