According to recent economic data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, prices and demand in the 63116 zip code are above average and the trend is expected to continue. An historical ten year low inventory translates to a very competitive housing market for buyers searching in Tower Grove South.

Don’t Be Afraid

Some people say they don’t want to get involved in multiple offer situations. But, don’t be afraid to throw your hat in the ring. How would you feel if you saw the final sale price and it was a couple thousand dollars LESS than you were willing to pay? Don’t pass up the house you want just because other people want it to. Figure out how to make YOUR best offer and move forward confidently. If you get out bid, then the worst case scenario is that you gained a little experience in a fast paced market. Best case scenario is that you submit the winning bid and secure the contract. We’ve been on both sides of the scenario and have tips for making your bid stand out from the crowd.

Writing a Winning Offer in a Competitive Market

  1. Make sure you are FULLY pre-approved and not just pre-qualified. This requires that you find an excellent lender who will do the work for you ahead of time. Most lenders will not submit your file to underwriting until you have a contract on a home. Other lenders will make sure your file is complete with the exception of the contract and appraisal. This means that when you submit an offer to the seller, the seller is assured of  your ability to deliver the funds on the day of the closing and offers the seller peace of mind when accepting your contract.
  2. If you are serious about buying a home, you will likely have saved a decent down payment and you should have funds in reserve. The contract asks that you submit an Earnest Money deposit at signing. This money shows the seller that you are serious. The Earnest Money is your money. If you fulfill the contract, it is credited back to you at closing. The contract also allows you several contingencies to terminate after doing your due diligence.  If inspections reveal serious structural issues or if the home does appraise for the agreed price, the buyer is within their rights to terminate the contract with Earnest Money returned to the buyer. Therefore the Earnest Money is only in jeopardy if the buyer defaults on the contract. So, if you are serious, show the seller your are serious with a larger Earnest Money deposit.
  3. Do not write an offer contingent on the sale of your home. This happens less frequently, but is still worth a reminder.
  4. Be ready to pay your own closing costs. In the past, many sellers were willing to credit a portion of the sale price back to the buyer to pay for the buyer’s closing costs which includes lender fees, title fees and pre-paids. In this market and especially in a competing offer situation, the seller wants to see the cleanest offer possible. Talk with your lender ahead of time to see how much cash you need to have ready to cover your down payment and your own closing costs.
  5. Be flexible with your closing date. Some sellers want to close as quickly as possible. Others have to wait for their next home to be available. If you can be flexible on timing, the seller may pick your offer over a different higher offer. The more flexible you can make yourself, the easier your purchase will be.
  6. Add an escalation clause. I.E (I will pay $2077.00 more than the highest offer not to exceed $X). Talk to your agent about how to structure this so that all your bases are covered. Hint: Don’t use this clause to hedge your bets. Come out of the gate strong (at asking or above) and then use this clause to distinguish your offer. Make the escalation amount worthwhile. If another has better terms, you are unlikely to persuade the seller by only escalating $500 or $1000 over.

There are several other ways to structure your offer to make it stand out so talk with your agent and put your best foot forward. If you don’t have a skilled Buyer’s Agent, we can help there too. Happy House Hunting!