In episode 9 of STL People on the Move, I’m talking with my friend Mark Gellman, of the Gellman Team in St. Louis. Mark started his real estate career in 2009 and set ambitious goals for himself, including being the first agent in St. Louis to close $100 million in sales in one year. But this conversation isn’t just for real estate enthusiasts. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, seeking work-life balance, or looking to enhance your overall productivity and life habits, Mark’s insights are filled with valuable lessons and inspiration. He’ll talk about his experience with eXp Realty and the importance of giving back at work and in the community. Tune in to discover the secrets of success that transcend the world of real estate, as we delve into Mark’s journey, business-building strategies, and the art of maintaining work-life harmony.

Welcome to STL People On The Move: where you will be entertained, inspired and introduced to remarkable people in the St. Louis region. Each episode will touch upon Real Estate, from home design, renovations, neighborhoods, schools, moving, kids, and so much more. We’ll cover real estate during life transitions like divorce, relocations, empty nesters, and aging parents, investing, making the most on your home sale, and how to buy and sell at the same time. The intent of each show is to provide a platform for guests to share their stories and expertise, contributing to building stronger connections in the St. Louis community.

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