Rightsizing to the Midwest

Keith and Katie, a vibrant couple with a history of successful careers and a love for outdoor activities and adventure, found themselves at a new crossroads in life. They were returning to St. Louis after living in California – rightsizing back to the Midwest. This case study illustrates their journey of transitioning from their life in the West Coast to finding their ideal home in St. Louis, with the expert guidance of the Dawn Griffin Group.

Retired St. Louis couple.
Katie and Keith enjoyed a very active life in California, however wanted to return back to St. Louis, where they raided their children so they could enjoy their grandchildren.


Keith and Katie raised their children in St. Louis, then spent years living in California, where Keith was a CFO in the wine industry. Katie owned her own Fish window cleaning company. They enjoyed an active and fulfilling life. Their time in California was marked by numerous outdoor activities, frequent date nights, and explorations of the beautiful West Coast.

However, the call of grandparenthood and the prospect of retirement drew them back to their roots in St. Louis. They cherished the idea of being close to their grandkids and wanted to be actively involved in their lives. The couple was looking for a place that combined the accessibility and walkability they had grown to love in California. They also desired ample space for entertaining, family gatherings, and hosting out-of-town guests.

Selecting the Dawn Griffin Group

The decision to choose the Dawn Griffin Group was influenced by a recommendation from family. However, Keith and Katie didn’t take this lightly. They conducted a formal interview with Dawn and her team. Careful evaluation was done of her strategy, experience, and organizational skills. As business owners themselves, they understood the importance of working with professionals who could deliver results efficiently.

Retirees in front of their University City home in St. Louis.
The couple chose the University City neighborhood. It offered the character and charm they were looking for along with a close-knit community and a plethora of amenities.

Specific Need for Rightsizing

Keith and Katie’s needs were unique and reflected their desire to “right size” rather than downsize. While they were transitioning into retirement, they were far from slowing down. They continued to live a big life with plans for extensive travel and grandchild-focused activities. Their home search focused on several key aspects:

  • Proximity to Grandkids: As they were watching their grandkids several times a week, being close to them was a top priority.
  • Walkability: Accustomed to a vibrant, walkable lifestyle in California, they wanted to continue enjoying this in St. Louis.
  • Entertaining Space: Their love for hosting family and friends required a home with ample space for gatherings.
  • Space for Out-of-Town Guests: As they were expecting frequent visits from out-of-town guests, their new home needed to accommodate them comfortably.

The Find

Dawn listened to the specific wants and needs of Keith and Katy and together they targeted the vibrant and walkable University City (U. City) neighborhood. This choice not only offered the character and charm they were looking for but also a close-knit community and a plethora of amenities.

With the help of Dawn Griffin’s expertise, they found a spacious and inviting home that met all their requirements. This house provided the perfect blend of a lively neighborhood, room for entertaining, and the convenience of being near their grandkids.


Keith and Katie’s journey exemplifies how the right real estate professionals can help clients transition into the next phase of their lives seamlessly. Their experience showcases that rightsizing can be as fulfilling as downsizing. It’s essential to find a home that perfectly aligns with your evolving lifestyle and priorities. By choosing the Dawn Griffin Group, they achieved their goal. Combining family proximity, a vibrant neighborhood, and spacious living they continue living their big life with zest and enthusiasm.

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