In this episode of STL People on the Move, Dawn talks to someone NOT from St. Louis, but someone people who live in STL may want to know. If you have ever been curious about vacation homes and real estate investing, this podcast is for you.

Vacation Homes and Real Estate Investing

Wayne Robbins moved from New York City to Florida before discovering Belize. Wayne turned his real estate development career into a focus on Belize’s real estate market due to its beauty, friendly people, and tax-friendly nature. He emphasizes the country’s appeal for Americans, Canadians, and Europeans looking to invest or retire abroad. Belize’s popularity has grown significantly, and Wayne shares his thoughts on why that is, and the opportunities for those who may be looking for a lifestyle change. Watch and subscribe to the podcast on YouTube or listen on Amazon, Spotify, or Apple.


About STL People On The Move

STL People On The Move is a podcast where you will be entertained, inspired and introduced to remarkable people in the St. Louis region. Each episode will touch upon Real Estate, from home design, renovations, neighborhoods, schools, moving, kids, and so much more. We’ll cover real estate during life transitions like divorce, relocations, empty nesters, and aging parents, investing, making the most on your home sale, and how to buy and sell at the same time. The intent of each show is to provide a platform for guests to share their stories and expertise, contributing to building stronger connections in the St. Louis community.

If you are considering a vacation home abroad or closer to home, we’d love to answer your questions. Reach out anytime.ย