Going on vacation is always exciting. However, before you embark on your journey, preparing your home for vacation is essential to ensure peace of mind during your absence. From securing your belongings to arranging pet sitting and verifying your keys work, a little planning can go a long way in making your vacation worry-free. In this blog post, we’ll cover some crucial steps to help you prepare your home for vacation.

1. Secure Your Home

One of the top priorities when leaving for vacation is ensuring the security of your home. Before you leave, take a few precautionary measures to safeguard your property from potential break-ins. Double-check all doors and windows, making sure they are securely locked. Investing in a reliable security system or outdoor lighting can also deter potential intruders and provide added peace of mind.

2. Arrange for Pet Sitting

If you have furry friends at home, finding a reliable pet sitter is vital to ensure their well-being while you’re away. Start by asking friends or family if they can take care of your pets. Alternatively, hiring a professional pet sitter or boarding your pets at a reputable facility are excellent options. You can also try online resources like care.com or rover.com. Make sure to provide detailed instructions about your pets’ routines, dietary needs, and any medical requirements to ensure a smooth experience for both your pets and the sitter.

3. Temporarily Halt Deliveries and Services

A pile of uncollected mail or packages can signal to outsiders that your home is vacant, making it vulnerable to theft. Inform your post office about your vacation dates and have them hold your mail until you return. Similarly, pause any regular deliveries or services, such as newspapers or subscriptions, to avoid accumulating unattended items at your doorstep.

4. Set the Thermostat and Unplug Appliances

To save energy and lower utility bills while you’re away, adjust your thermostat to a suitable temperature. In the winter, set it low enough to prevent freezing pipes, and in the summer, avoid overworking your air conditioning. Additionally, unplug non-essential appliances and electronics to prevent energy wastage and reduce the risk of electrical fires.

5. Inform Trusted Neighbors or Friends

Letting a few trusted neighbors or friends know about your vacation plans can be helpful. They can keep an eye on your property, ensuring nothing seems amiss, and act as an emergency contact in case of any issues. Share your contact information and itinerary with them, so they can reach you if needed.

6. Test All Keys to the Home

Before you leave, make sure to check all keys to your home, including those you might have given to family members, friends, neighbors, and the pet sitter. Ensure that all keys work correctly to avoid any unexpected difficulties in accessing your property during your absence. If you discover any issues, have them resolved before you leave or provide alternative solutions for entry.


Preparing your home for vacation might require some effort and planning, but the peace of mind it brings is well worth it. Taking these simple yet crucial steps will not only protect your property but also ensure that you return to a safe and welcoming home after your vacation.

Remember, a well-prepared home means a stress-free vacation! So, plan ahead, and set off on your adventures with confidence, knowing that you’ve taken care of everything at home. Let us know if you have any questions and happy travels!