Whether you are relocating your family to St. Louis from a different state or just moving to a new neighborhood across town, the process can be stressful—especially with kids. Preparing them, listening to them, and adding a sense of adventure to the process are all things that can suppress children’s fears and keep your stress levels under control.  Below is a guide and some resources that can help.

Preparing Kids for Moving

  • Get Them Ready…Don’t just tell them what will be different. Tell them what will be the same. All the things in their room and the family pets get to move too!
  • Allow Their Angst…Most experts estimate that it takes 6 months to acclimate. Try skype-ing with old care-givers, friends and family members to help ease those tears and tantrums
  • Walk the Walk…Stay positive and model how to manage your emotions constructively. Don’t bad the mouth the new town. Try to highlight wonderful things about the new place.
  • Give Them Gumption…Kids have generally have zero input into the move. If you are being re-located they have no control in that. Find decision opportunities to seek out their opinions and allow them some input in the process
  • Get to Know Neighbors…Sign up for a lot of activities. Let the kids try many different things in an effort to find something that really clicks
  • Soup Up Their Social Skills…Practice a conversation opener at home. Let them in on what’s popular in the area so they can quickly find some common ground.

Things About St. Louis to Help Excite the Kiddos

  • 50 Things To Do With Kids in St. Louis is written by a native St. Louis and oh so helpful.
  • Forest Park for Kids provides all kinds of things do to, much of it FREE!
  • MOMS (MOMS Offering Moms Support®) is a support group designed primarily for at-home mothers, but the chapter is open to everyone. They are a non profit, non denominational support organization.

Resources for Moving

Books can help ease the transition for your kid. The links below are to Amazon, but we always encourage you to shop local. Try Novel Neighbor or Left Bank Books .in St. Louis.  And of course, there’s always the library!

moving books For Pre-K and Elementary Kids

moving books For TWEENS AND TEENS


Web Resources for Moving With Kids

We’ve helped many families move and have detailed checklists designed to help your family and kids with the process. We’d love to help you with your journey. Contact us for more information.