With the popularity of open floorplans and a shift towards smaller homes, the line between living, dining, and kitchen spaces continues to grow fuzzier. These changes are being reflected in kitchen design that aims to blend more seamlessly with living areas, in many cases actually hiding the functionality of the kitchen. Features of this modern kitchen design trend often include:

  • concealed range hoods
  • integrated and/or under-counter appliances
  • fewer upper cabinets / more open shelving
  • deep drawers
  • minimal hardware

A minimal, modern and subtle kitchen is a great solution for people who value an uncluttered, visually peaceful place to do their cooking.

Apartment Therapy

My Domaine recognizes that kitchen trends are a little different than other home design trends. Kitchen trends guide homeowners to make decisions about their interiors that will last at least a decade or two. Their 2019 trend list included concealed range hoods, minimal hardware, and open shelving.

The kitchen at our 7118 Pershing listing from 2020 hit all the right notes with its concealed range hood, dark cabinets with dark stone counters, minimal hardware, refrigerator drawers, and clean line shelving. It is highly functional and presents as both modern yet warm.
The website My Domaine picked some of the hottest trends for kitchens in 2019 and they included minimal hardware and backsplash shelving as shown here.

hidden appliance trend

One of the biggest trends in kitchens right now is the hidden appliance. You can customize your kitchen so that each appliance is hidden by cabinet doors that match your pantry doors, sort of like the doors that some people use to conceal their television when guests come over. You can hide away anything in the cabinetry — the fridge, the trash container, the dishwasher, the microwave.

7118 Pershing utilizes under-counter refrigerators. These compact units fit in the space of a traditional cabinet and open outward just like a regular cabinet drawer door. They free up valuable square footage, provide a clean uncluttered look, and have offered plenty of storage space for the family of four living there.

Hidden appliances like the under-counter refrigerators at 7118 Pershing are one of the hottest kitchen trends.

Dark Cabinetry & Countertop Trend

Emily Henderson predicts the combination of dark cabinets and dark counters like this example is a trend with staying power.
7118 Pershing utilized the dark cabinetry with dark countertop combination to great effect. The lower elements provide an anchor in a largely white space, while the wood floors and abundance of natural light provide warmth.