1021 Chelsea sits on a quiet Glendale Street. It is a cute, cozy, and quaint house in a cute, cozy, and quaint neighborhood. This home has history and you can feel it. It was built for memory making.

The owners raised their kids in the home, throwing fantastic outdoor parties in the wide open driveway/patio area where carefully trained and pruned redbud and plum trees arch gracefully over the driveway providing a leafy summer canopy. Sometimes lights were slung across and family dinners were shared with neighbors on the patio.

You can make new memories at this idyllic home. On the wide steps, you can wait and watch for your kids to walk home from North Glendale Elementary School, definitely one of Glendale’s greatest treasures, or just sit and wave to the many neighbors on afternoon strolls with their dogs.

North Glendale Elementary
North Glendale Elementary School is placed in the top 5% of all schools in Missouri for overall test scores. It has nearly 600 students and is part of the Kirkwood School District. The school is less than a five minute walk from 1021 Chelsea.

On cold days, gather in front of the crackling fireplace for board games or reading. From the large picture windows, watch the snow fall. In the spring, the backyard attracts many sparrows and juncos.

Hanneke’s (aka Westwood Catering, Grocery, and Deli) has  been operating at the corner of Sappington and Hawbrook for three generations. It’s a convenient 15 minute walk or 3 minute drive. As soon kids are able to handle the walk alone, they began the rite of passage in the neighborhood of walking up to Hanneke’s (with a walkie-talkie) to get a sandwich or a pizza, or just a snack. 

We filled this house with music, laughter, and good conversation as holidays and gatherings packed this house with people we enjoyed. 1021 held an impressive number of people with great conversational dynamics and social flow, from the front steps, through the house, to the driveway/patio. We sincerely hope that you see the potential as we did, and have an opportunity to experience the quiet beauty of living on Chelsea Avenue.

If you are looking for a quintessential Glendale home, 1021 Chelsea, with 4 bedrooms, a large family room, and large backyard, could be the just the right fit. Open House, Sunday, October 21st from 1-3pm. Contact us with any questions you might have.