Last summer I was hired to help some Shaw residents sell their house. They had moved here for graduate school. It was time to put the house on the market and move on to the next phase of their lives. My clients LOVED that house and were sad to go, but with the feature on HGTV, they will have a memento that most sellers would die to have.

Here is the lead in from HGTVs website:

Kathleen has finally convinced her fiancรฉ, Dan, to move from the suburbs of St. Louis to the city center. They’re on a time crunch and need a new home before their wedding. Kathleen wants a historic home and Dan wants modern upgrades and a parking spot. The first house they see is a Victorian, and has the historic charm Kathleen craves but there’s too much city noise outside. The second home is an historic duplex converted to a single-family home. It’s near Kat’s favorite park but, on the downside, it has with two front doors that Dan thinks look strange. The third home is another classic, but it’s also the smallest. On the upside, it has an updated kitchen and the two-car garage Dan’s been waiting for.

The episode aired last night 28 January and is due to air again 14 February 2010ย  at 8 and 11PM

Can’t wait to see which house the buyers choose ; )