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Misc. Apr 2007

I am going to Scandinavia for vacation!!!!!!!

And in the course of my vacation research, I found an incredible experiment in urban planning and sustainability.

VIIKKI, Helsinki, Finland


The general guidelines for Viikki designs were governed by sustainablity: they required a 20% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from building materials and pure water consumption, 10% less waste on building sites during construction and needed to provide residents the opportunity to grow their own food.

By employing alternative sources of energy, Viikkii designs are helping to reduce consumption by 60%. The development is designed to generate solar and wind power, direct rainwater to communal gardens and preserve marshland all while housing 13,000 residents, 6000 jobs and 6000 students just 7km from the city’s downtown. Situated by the subway line and accessible by several bus lines it is a veritable utopia with fruit and vegetable gardens stretched between buildings.

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