Many of us are social distancing and after several weeks are starting to realize the challenges of having home be the place we eat, sleep, work, play, read, watch tv, and learn. While we are thankful to have the space, we are looking for ways to utilize it a bit better.

According to the most recent The National Association of Home Builders’ What Home Buyers Really Want report, fewer home buyers have a home office on their wish list. These preferences reflect technology today. If your books are on a reader or your phone, you don’t need a library. If you are able to complete work tasks on a phone, tablet, or laptop, you can take your “office” anywhere in the house. So in many homes, rooms are pulling double-duty and now finding a quiet space for your conference call or your kids zoom lesson with teachers can be tricky.

So we’ve rounded up ten desks for small spaces, all under $200. These might spark some ideas for you and help keep the peace.

ten desks under $200

Ladder desks are a stylish space-saving option and typically run less than $200. This one retails for $199 on but sites like Amazon, Overstock, and Wayfair offer several cheaper alternatives with different finishes and features.
Productivity is possible, even in the smallest of spaces. And if you’re space-challenged, there’s no better place to set up your small home office than in an awkward, unused corner. This desk is $130 at Target.
This convertible wall-mount desk is a fantastic option when space is at a premium. This could be tucked almost anywhere. These run about $150 at various outlets. Wine not included 😉
Mobile carts are a versatile option. Wheel into whatever area of the house works at any given time. Could double as a serving cart once you are able to party with friends again.  This one available at for $157.
Ikea is a no-brainer for affordable furniture for small spaces, including desks. This bamboo LILLÅSEN retails for $179 but there are several IKEA options under $100.
What it lacks in style, it makes up for in functionality. This desk on casters is fully adjustable so it can become a standing desk. Again, being able to wheel this anywhere in the house is a great advantage. On for $178.
Lap desks probably won’t work for long periods of time, but are a good option if you need to spread the kids out. This one holds up to a 17″ laptop plus has soft bolster underpad for comfort. On Amazon for $60.
This DIY desk is (tidier) reflection of my own work space. For years I have used two standard black filing cabinets with a hollow core door on top. I like having my piles of files at my fingertips. File cabinets run about $40 each as does a door, so the entire desk is about $120, less if you re-purpose an old door you already have. Paint or stain however you wish.
This is a DIY desk using reclaimed materials. Wine stores sometimes will sell or give away wooden wine crates. Or craft stores and Amazon sell crates that could work. The idea is to build something with materials you already have.
And the most economical version of all – your existing dining room or kitchen table. It’s FREE. Make the kids continue to use their backpacks to keep their own papers and supplies contained. If parent(s) need to work at the table, same idea – keep all pertinent chargers, files, papers, supplies in a backpack, tote, or basket that can be moved easily out of the way at meal times.

Coronavirus is impacting every facet of our lives – including how we think about and use our homes. When staying inside gets to be too much, hopefully a walk or time outdoors is an option. Take care friends.