We are so excited to announce that we have moved back to Circa Properties!

Circa Background

Circa had been my real estate home (brokerage) since 2008. It was a young spunky little start-up that did real estate a little differently and I loved being a Circa agent. In 2016 Circa went through an ownership change and that seemed like the perfect time for my whole team to spread its wings and take advantage of some of training and educational opportunities at another brokerage. At that time we chose Red Key because we were very attracted to the leadership. We learned a lot at Red Key and made some very good friends, but some really exciting things were happening at Circa.


Upper End Properties, another locally owned boutique agency, began looking for brokerage partners and the stars aligned! After reviewing the marketing and branding, web strategy and agent talent, Upper End pursued a permanent relationship with their brokerage crush – Circa Properties. The two companies “merged households” so to speak, and after talking with my team, we decided to move back to Circa and I became part of the leadership team, guiding the organization into the future.

What it means for our clients

To our clients this change should be pretty seamless. You will continue to experience the same stellar service from our team + the power of Circa. That means you’ll get a little extra. Extra marketing. Extra support. Extra feel good.

It is hard to to put into words what it feels like to be back at Circa. Basically, it just feels like home. That’s a hard feeling to resist. (As home buyers and sellers, we think you’ll understand.)

We are looking forward to new and exciting things at Circa! Thanks for sticking with us. Our team now has more to offer than ever before, with offices in Tower Grove, Webster Groves, and Clayton and serving the entire St. Louis area.

Circa Properties