Home buyers should always have their own agent. Buyer agents work to negotiate the best terms and price for the buyer. They are your advocate, diligently working to protect your best interests throughout the entire process. The only person who wins when buyers are not represented is the listing agent.

What a Buyers Agent Will Do For You

  1. Save you time and money
  2. Turn information into knowledge
  3. Shield you against overly-aggressive listing agents
  4. Act as your personal secret shopper
  5. Provide perspective to help make smart decisions
  6. Negotiate with experience and skill
  7. Have exclusive fiduciary responsibility to you.

How Buyers Agency Works With Our Team

Home Buyers Consultation

We use the buyer’s consultation to really get to know you. Your wants. Your needs. Your timeline. We’ll ask the right questions to determine what you are looking for and what areas you are most interested in. We outline the search process, explain the contract and set the right expectations.

Power Search

Once we’ve completed an assessment, we can use the full power of the MLS to help you find options. We can provide up-to-the-minute custom searches to identify available homes that meet your criteria. Our agents save you time and reduce your stress level.

Negotiating the Offer

This is where we can truly offer peace of mind. The Residential Sale Contract is a legally binding 8 page document filled with fine print and a number of caveats. We know this document backwards and forwards. Using our contract and market knowledge, we will negotiate the best price and terms for you.

Contract to Close

Our team has a dedicated Contract-to-Close Specialist. Once accepted, we’ll help you manage the paperwork and schedule in order to close successfully without any surprises.

Your Rights

Your buyer’s agent has a legal and ethical responsibility to represent your best interest at all times. Some of the duties required of your agent: loyalty to you, promoting your best interests, disclosing known material facts, maintaining confidential information, and accounting for any money they handle in the transaction.

Post Closing Follow Up

Our relationship does not end at the closing table. It is our goal to be your trusted advisors throughout your tenure in the home. We will always be available to answer questions, provide contractor referrals, remind you of home maintenance and help you prepare for sale when you are ready to make a transition.

Our Partnership

One of the things we enjoy most about working with buyers is the friendships and relationships that are formed. Many of our clients are repeat customers who work with us when buying their next home.

We regularly meet with prospective buyers for a FREE buyer consultation. We hope that if you ever need help buying real estate in the future, or if you know anyone that needs help, you’ll give us a call.