Friday Facts: Spite, Spikes & Holdouts

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We’re all about being neighborly here at The Dawn Griffin Group. But a recent online story on spite houses sparked our curiosity and we thought we would share some facts and photos on spites, spikes, and holdouts.

Spite houses are what they sound like, homes built out of anger, usually meant to provoke. Typically they block views or access. Today they are less common because of stricter building codes in place. The spite house pictured above was built in 1830 by the owner of one of the adjacent houses. He wanted to keep horse-drawn wagons and loiterers out of his alley. It has two stories but is only 7 feet wide and 325 square feet. You can see photos of the inside at Hooked On Houses.

Landowners who refuse to give in to developers are called spikes or holdouts. One of the most famous holdouts was Edith Macefield’s Seattle cottage, which often was referred to as the UP house, because of its similarity to the Pixar movie. The Spikes and Holdouts Flickr Pool has more amazing examples and Web Urbanists features some Holdout Houses too.

We hope you never find yourselves in one of these situations! Here are some more stories with photos:


Spite Photo Source | Holdout Photo Source

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