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Local Developments May 2009

Interesting clip form Marketplace today about young families reconsidering a move to the suburbs to stay in the city. In this audio clip, it talks about owning in the suburbs vs. renting in the city. This may make more sense in a city like Chicago where owning a home in the city may be harder to afford for many people, but in St. Louis homes are less expensive.

As more middle-class families choose to stay, new models arise. BRUEGMANN: The experimentation is really vigorous. We have all kinds of new options in charter schools, in magnet schools, in parochial schools, so that there’s no longer this feeling of hopelessness. Now, at least, you have a lot of choices on what you can do.

But even those choices can be a tough sell for parents who mostly grew up in the suburbs and in small towns.

View the article online here, or listen to the clip above.

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