New Blog, New Site, New Listings!

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Misc., New Listings, St. Louis May 2009

It’s proving to be a pretty exciting and jam-packed spring so far. First of all, I now have a new site and blog! I wanted to simplify the content overall and it’s now a bit easier for me to update the site. My old site had been up almost as long as I have been a Realtor, so it’s time for a change. Special thanks to Geoff who spent a Saturday afternoon taking pictures for the site… and let me use his front porch for the set. Up next, look for some local advertising as well as some updates to the individual property pages, which I set up for every new listing.

Speaking of which, I have many new listings I’m pretty excited about. They’re all in awesome locations and each one has something great and unique about them. See my listings page for more information.

And of course, pardon the dust while there’s some clean up and tweaking happening to the site in the coming week or so.

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