Anyone Interested in Rehabbing in St. Louis?

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Rehabbing, St. Louis Mar 2009

Well, it was going to happen sooner or later. With all the good deals out there it’s hard to resist them. Recently I bought a little bungalow and am working with two other people to renovate it and get it to market before the end of the Spring. It’s not much right now, but soon it will be a solid two bedroom bungalow with spectacular kitchen, new windows, new HVAC, sparkling wood floors and updated plumbing and electric.

After looking at 12 homes in the South City area we settled on this one for a few reasons. First, we really liked the layout. It is a proper 2 bedroom with a large living room and separate dining room. There’s an entry way, so you aren’t dumped into the living room as soon as you walk-in. Second, the demo was mostly done, so we could get right to work. And finally the location is superb. It’s tucked right in the middle of Tower Grove South walking distance to Grand, Morganford and the park.

Click here to find more opportunities. All homes in this link are under 50K and will require work. Some need everything, some just need a little TLC. If you need contractor recommendation, no problem, I am happy to pass on names and numbers of those who have proven that they can show up on time and understand how to coax a beautiful rehab out of an ugly shell.

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