The Importance of Photography in Selling

Dawn Griffin Posted by
Misc. Jan 2009

At Circa, one of the things we get the most compliments on are the photos of our listings. Photography is one of the most time consuming aspects of putting together a listing, but it is the most important. Statistics show that the more photos attached to a listing the more time a consumer will spend on the web looking at that listing. Buying a house is a process of elimination. So you want to make sure that the photos of your house place it in the “view” pile not the “skip” pile.

When interviewing agents ask to see examples of the photography they did for their other clients. Of all the sites on the web you want your house to appear on, this is not one of them. Lovely Listing, is a tutorial in what not to do when photographing a house for sale.

BTW: Circa got called on this site once too. Damn toaster oven!

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