New Listing in Tower Grove East: $142,500

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New Listings Nov 2008

30 year fixed residential home loans are at 5.625%!  That means that with a 10% down payment this home will have a monthly principle and interest rate payment of approximately $745.50. Isn’t that more than your rent?

There are so many things to like about this house. First of all, is its very affordable price. 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths in superior condition for less than 150K? Really? I guess there are some things to love about this market.

Anyway, as I sit in another particularly drafty old house, I think of the zoned HVAC which will efficiently heat the first floor during the day and then the second floor during the night, keeping the new owner warm and conserving energy use well.

What else? The idea of a warm, cozy home just in time for the holidays is not enough? What about the gorgeous wood floors, the ample light, the three LARGE, private bedrooms (each with its own closet and ceiling fan)

Still not enough? (What else could you possibly want for $142,500?) Office space on the first floor, tranquil color palette, updated kitchen and baths, blinds on all the windows (do you know how expensive, blinds can be?)

You want more? How’s the location you ask? Well, have you tried the scallops at The Shave Duck? Have you played kickball in Tower Grove Park? Have you ever spend an entire Saturday morning Bread Co. on South Grand drinking coffee and reading the paper? Well if you bought this house, you could do those things every single day and never have to get in your car.

Could you possibly find a better place to live? Well of course you could, but you would have to considerably increase your price range. So make an offer or this lovely, solid, well-located, AFFORDABLE home or else it will belong to someone who is not you.

I’m talking to you!

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