New Bill Proposed for Vacant Property in the City

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Misc. Aug 2008

Alderwoman Kacie Starr Triplett proposed a new bill to the BOA recently. Her plan calls for more accountability from the owners of vacant properties. I believe there was a bit of concern from the real estate community about calling attention to these buildings with signs. And for some buildings I see the point. We certainly don’t want to advertise the susceptibility of some properties. There is just too much risk that the copper, HVAC systems and millwork will be stolen from unprotected places. The intention of the sign is to give people access to the owners of the building, but I think the fear is that the sign will just advertise ACCESS. But really, do you think a sign in front of the building below will be the one clue to its vacancy?

Personally I am in favor of the bill. I would love to have immediate access to the owners of some of these buildings, simply to see if they’d be willing to sell it to someone with the intentions and means to improve it.

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