Carbon Footprint of STL is 4x Larger than NYC

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St. Louis Jun 2008

I just read this article on St Louis Beacon. Among the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the country, St. Louis ranks 7th from the bottom. According to the report released by the Brookings Institute causes contributing to our high emissions include “low residential density, reluctance to use public transit, coal-based electricity generation and energy-inefficient homes.”

One of the more shocking revelations was that residential energy use was a larger contributor to our poor status than transportation emissions. “Between 2000 and 2005, the region’s residential energy footprint rose 16.4 percent at a time when the typical metropolitan area experienced a slight decline.

Although we have new builders in town like Sage and EcoUrban who are demonstrating that new construction can be extremely energy efficient, it is going to take a greater effort on the part of individual home owners to increase the energy efficiency of their homes with new windows, more insulation and more efficient systems. In one of the homes that I visited last week I saw a Bosch tankless water heater. When that home needed a new water heater, the owner made a better choice rather than replacing it with a newer model of less efficient design.

10 Simple Changes for a More Energy Efficient Home

Use CFL lightbulbs

Insulate your attic, walls and pipes

Install a digital thermostat

Install a low-flow shower head

Buy a jacket for your traditional water heater

Use a reflective paint on your flat roof

Weatherstrip doors and windows

Use Power Strips for all electronics and turn them off at night

Use a manual or battery powered lawn mower

Hang dry clothes rather than using your dryer

The next time you are thinking home improvement or repair check out Home Eco on Macklind. They have everything from insulation to solar panels and they often offer how to workshops.

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