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Group News Dec 2007

I recently transferred my real estate license to Circa Properties, a move that I had been contemplating for a long time. Actually, I have been thinking about it since Christopher Thiemet opened his office last January. I was hesitant to transfer because I love my RE/MAX office and my brokers, but so much about the Circa mission coincided with my own philosophy and business model. The Circa office is in the City, which is where I do a majority of my business. It’s more convenient for me and my clients to have the facilities so close. But it’s inspiring to me that Circa is truly committed to investing in St. Louis by locating within the city limits.

I am excited to be working as part of a team again. The agents in the office are diverse but still city-focused, and the office atmosphere is one of cooperation and collaboration. Circa’s modo is The Art of Partnership and that spirit resonates in the agent/client relationship as well as agent-to-agent interaction. Originally I placed my license with RE/MAX because their business model allowed me to run my own business the way I wanted. There was excellent infrastructure already set up and the brand recognition of RE/MAX is unparalleled. However, when working as an independent agent there were often times I felt like my clients weren’t getting the best service because of my inability to be in two places at once. At Circa, there will be a team of qualified agents to back me up. The infrastructure that I was so excited about at RE/MAX is even better at Circa. Christopher has set up all the right systems but has also implemented additional services and exceptional internet & print marketing opportunities which will allow me to better serve my clients.

A bit of history: Christopher and I actually began our real estate careers at the same time. We met as rookie agents in another St. Louis brokerage about four years ago. We acted as a team for a little over a year. Since then, we have been colleagues and competitors, both focusing on the Central and south city markets. Recently we worked a sale together where I represented the seller and he represented the buyer. Ironically, the seller of the home was the mother of one of the clients Christopher and I had helped two years before. The buyer in that same transaction was another client we had worked with previously as partners. Coincidence? Maybe… but it was simply too eerie to ignore.

I am really happy to be working with team at Circa!

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