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Group News Dec 2007

This month has been nuts–in a good way.

Business has been non-stop. Typically, December has been a good month for me. However December 2007 has been the most productive by far. Highlights include the sale at 3917 Shaw. It closed on December 3rd for the full asking price. 4514 Miami was another that sold really fast again for full price. Just goes to show that when sellers price appropriately for the market it doesn’t take that long to find the right buyers. Marketing is important, but setting the correct price is crucial.

My buyer clients are really happy this month too. Particularly the new owners of 2833 Russell. They have some work to do. But this old house is solid and stately. The pocket doors are working, the stairs are grand and the woodwork is pristine. Many of the rooms will need to be taken down to the studs, but in the end this is going to be a spectacular house. The owners are planning to retire in it so I feel good knowing that they got it and will really put some much needed care with thought and attention to detail.

The semester is over. I turned in my literature review last Tuesday and have been reading for pleasure ever since. Sustainability: Planning to Avoid Collapse was the title of my final paper. Sounds apocalyptic but I decided on the title after reading The Limits to Growth a paper written by MIT researchers in the late 60’s. Check it out here. My paper surveyed sustainability concepts in the writings of Ebenezer Howard, Patrick Geddes, Ian McHarg, Peter Calthorpe, Stephen Wheeler and Timothy Beatley & Kristy Manning

“Where you find a people who believe that man and nature are indivisible, and that survival and health are contingent upon an understanding of nature and her processes, these societies will be very different from ours, as will be their towns, cities and landscapes”   That was one of my favorite quotes from Design With Nature by Ian McHarg. This book is probably my favorite new discovery of the semester.

And ArtFix was a success. We hosted over 500 attendees at Ferguson Katman Photography Studio and raised just under 20K (after all the expenses) to benefit Rebuilding Together -St. Louis.

I write all this simply to let you know that this blog is not dead, but this blogger has been just a little overwhelmed–in a good way.

Anyway, now that I am coming up for air, I promise to a better job reporting on the STL housing market and all my other city discoveries and distractions.

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