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St. Louis Nov 2007

My class, Planning the Metropolis, conducted an asset evaluation for the Southwest Garden Neighborhood as group project. We looked at the physical, community, economic, environmental and transportation assets of the area. Overall we discovered that it is an incredibly livable neighborhood, very well positioned, walkable to Tower Grove Park and the Botanical Gardens and affordable. Below are several active listings in the neighborhood. Check out their neighborhood website here.

This home on Reber Place is at the center of the neighborhood. It sits on a boulevard street and is an easy walk to Tower Grove.

The Southwest Garden District has great variety of rental opportunities. This multi-family building is in great shape and due to its location near the Botanical Gardens, STL public library and public transportation would be an easy building to fill.

This condo is on Kingshighway. There is parking in the rear of the building so you wouldn’t have to worry on parking on the busy street in front. It has been completely renovated and the finishes are superior to other spaces in the price range. From here it is an easy walk to Tower Grove Park or hop on the bus and be in CWE in minutes.

Southwest Gardens has an active neighborhood association. And they are currently working with operation Bright Side to develop the vacant lot at the corner of Southwest and Kingshighway into community green space. Please view their website for more neighborhood information.

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