More Rubber for the Sole

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Tools and Resources Mar 2007

Walk around almost any St. Louis city street in an older neighborhood and you’ll see some level of cracked and bulging sidewalks. This is typically the result of roots from a mature tree growing tired of the cement that’s layered on top of it.

Rubbersidewalks has an idea: “The modular sidewalk system allows air and water to reach the soil below, and can be pulled apart for easy tree and root maintenance, decreasing the need for urban tree removal.”


Rubbersidewalks are made from 100% recycled tire rubber, and can be collected and recycled back into the manufacturing process.

Read more about it here:

Or through the Inhabitat Post:

St. Louis has a 50-50 sidewalk program for city residents; where they pick up 1/2 of the tab for any sidewalk work. I don’t think rubber sidewalks are part of this program, at least not yet.

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