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Local Developments Mar 2007

Yesterday morning I attended the Downtown Report sponsored by the St. Louis Business Journal and hosted by the Missouri Botanical Gardens. The speakers were Chris Goodson of the Gilded Age, Steve Smith of the Lawrence Group and Todd George of Pinnacle.

Most impressive aspect: It started at 8am and the auditorium was packed.

Interesting Nugget: Pinnacle hired one of the police force captains as their head of security.

Reason: Better benefits package

Most interesting question from the audience: Which is more important for building density downtown, fixing the schools or attracting amenities like department stores, grocery stores and cultural opportunities?

Chris Goodson’s response (brave in my opinion for even attempting)-First the amenities, thereby attracting more people who will hopefully stay, funneling more students into the system. Not sure I agree.

Predictable audience preoccupation: Will City and County ever merge?

Answer: Economically it is the right thing to do. Politically it may be impossible

Most memorable quote: “Tourists from the County”

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