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Local Developments Feb 2007

I’m not really sure what my fascination is but I have lately been preoccupied with these recent additions to the St Louis skyline. I think I like the idea of change and growth and the sense of industry and activity that surrounds these.


Which is why I’m still reeling from the “CAVE”man article in the Business Journal. I believe Steve Patterson had is right in his response when he coined Citizens Against Vulgar Environments. I don’t believe the city bloggers are up in arms against virtually everything nor do I think the blogoshphere is necessarily clandestine. Something else contradictory about the article: How can a group so supposedly “misinformed” act so “swiftly?”

Interesting though how this dodgey internet has given a voice to the masses. But why prattle on over this silly article. Back to the real purpose of my blog.

Just in case anyone is wondering about the purpose of this blog, please continue reading. I like to indulge my curiosity. Case in point: cranes. Now that I have a blog, it doesn’t strange to me that I would pullover and take some pictures of these steel sculptures dotting the skyline. Nor is it odd that I would take the time to look up cranes in Wikipedia to find out that the crane was first used 6th century BC by the ancient Greeks to aid in heavy in lifting and that the particular type of crane in these photos is called the tower crane and is used in the construction of tall buildings.


And as each small question is answered and another instantaneously takes it place, I learn a little more. I usually start to wonder what is being built and who is building it and who will use it, who is paying for it and who is profiting. And as a courtesy to people who don’t like cranes or want to challenge me on the type of crane or would just like to comment on my grammar, I provide a comments box which at least encourages dialogue.


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