The New I-64: The Calm Before the Storm

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St. Louis Feb 2007

40.jpgAnother great Urban Affairs Committee Meeting brought another great guest speaker. Linda Wilson from MoDoT spoke about the closing and reconstruction 64/40. Public Meetings are scheduled for Tuesday, February 6th at the Brentwood Middle School and Tuesday, February 13th at St. Louis County Library Headquarters. Both meetings will have 3 sessions. First session begins at 4pm with new sessions every hour.

The Basics:

$535 million dollar budget

Beginning with a “preparation year” Spring 2007

Finished by 2010

10 miles between Sarah and Spoede

Major concerns are deteriorating bridges and on/off ramps



2007: Some interchanges between I-170 and Sarah will shut down (Tamm, Bellevue and the west bound entry ramp on Hanley)

2008: 4.5 miles between Spoede and I-170 will be closed

2009: 4.5 miles between I-170 and Sarah will shut down. Section between I-170 and Spoede will reopen.

2010: Construction will concern clean-up and landscaping. Entire length will be finished and re-opened.

During the preparation year MoDoT will upgrade all traffic signals on page, Olive, Lindbergh and Manchester in addition to installing message boards, cameras and speed sensors. This way they will be able to remotely control the flow of traffic in real time. In addition they will be re-srtiping the lanes on I-70 between I-270 and I-170 and the lanes on I-44 between 270 and Grand to add extra lanes. Speed limit will be decreased to 55.

Check out the MoDot website to view the simulation of the new interchange at I-170 and I-64 near the Brentwood Promenade.

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