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Homeowner Spotlight

clairekeyWe really do have awesome clients! Meet Claire, a social worker who lives in Old North. Claire purchased her home this spring and has been working hard, with help from friends and neighbors, on sprucing up her place and it’s pretty adorable. We’re sharing her progress as part of our new Client Spotlight feature.

Where were you living when you began your home search?

I was renting in Old North. I couldn’t imagine living in a better community so when the opportunity came up to buy a house in the same neighborhood, I jumped on it!

Top three reasons you chose the home you bought?

  1. Love the neighborhood
  2. Price was right
  3. Extra income-generating space for renters/tenants
  4. Big closets! (I guess that’s four.)

Favorite thing about your neighborhood?

I love my neighbors. Community gatherings, barbecues, backyard bonfires and potlucks abound! Earlier this week, neighbors organized a safe trick or treat night with a map of houses giving out candy and I had 75 kids come to my door. I vastly underestimated the number of trick or treaters and I had to borrow more candy from my neighbor down the street. It was a delightful first-time homeowner experience!

Advice for anyone just starting the home buying process?

Use Dawn Griffin from Circa!!! Seriously!

How much of the work to your new home was DIY and how long did it take?

I used professionals to put in the floors. The process took a couple of months and many kind neighbors and friends who worked for pizza and my undying love. I can’t wait to get my hands on the bathroom and kitchen next!

You have so many great things…how much did you bring from your old place and how much was new?

I had almost everything before I moved in. Most of my furniture (except for the rugs/pillows/curtains) is from thrift stores, flea markets or hand-me-downs from friends. I love the hunt of finding good pieces from unlikely places.


When I buy new home goods I love West Elm, but I also adore Treasure Aisles on Big Bend.


Any new projects in the works?

I’ve been focused on the outside– landscaping and fencing. I received an MSD Rainscaping mini grant to fund my landscaping project– highly recommend that others access this great opportunity. I used Pretty City Landscaping and Gardens as the contractor and they were awesome. My next project will be painting the front door!

And finally, where did you get that swoon-worthy blue couch?

St. Vincent DePaul Thrift Store on Kingshighway!


A big thanks to Claire for opening up her home to us and sharing a little bit about the process. Claire was a first time home buyer and got a great deal on a foreclosure. In this market foreclosures are rare but still great opportunities for buyers willing to navigate a more onerous process. Our buyers specialists can help you find a home in Old North or other areas of the city and will help you throughout the entire closing process. Call us today if you need help or just have questions. 

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