Mississippi Bluffs: Where Frank Lloyd Wright Meets Huckleberry Finn

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Local Developments Mar 2008

Almost 250 years ago Pierre Laclede and Auguste Chouteau founded the city of St Louis several miles below the confluence. On the west bank of the Mississippi on a bluff they found a place safe from flooding on which they decided to build. On February 14, 1764 Chouteau, who was only 14 years old, led a crew of men and as legend has it began to build the village on the grounds where the Arch now stands.

Building out of the flood plain, turns out to be a pretty good idea. And now 250 years later St Louis residents have the opportunity to live along the mighty Mississippi again, far above the threats of the water.

Mississippi Bluffs has been a long time coming, but it is here. I went out this morning to take some pictures. In light of the recent flooding I thought it would be a good idea to highlight what a 14 year old boy knew instinctively.

Below is a site plan. The Mississippi is at the top and Broadway is at the bottom. There will be 4 buildings. Two buildings will have 8 units, two will have nine. There will be 3 different floor plans, each with three balconies from which to view the Mississippi.


The site plan includes a 6-acre park and pool area complete with scenic overlook and fire pit.



I hung out awhile to enjoy the scenery and watch the river. I also took a few shots of the construction. The first building is up and has a total of 8 units. Three are already three under contract. I was standing in the 6-acre park when I took this photo.


Here’s another from a different angle. This is the eastern elevation. I was standing on an old platform that was used for a cannon. The steps are new and the old platform will be another over look/common space for residents.




View of the Mississippi from the cannon over look.

There are a total of 34 units. There are 16 A-units (1870 interior sq. ft), 10 B-units (2187 interior sq. ft.) and 8 C-units(2396 interior sq. ft). Both B & C have the option of adding a private elevator. For the first building A units are being offered at $429K with prices going up to $459K for the second building. B units are $499K increasing to $529K and C-units are currently $599K with an increase to $609K for the next phase. The display should be open by end of April, beginning of May but feel free to go out on weekends to visit the site in the meantime. Or call our office or me directly for more details.

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