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Market Conditions Jan 2007


What if you are selling in this market where a likely buyer who limits his search to the most basic criteria: price, space, location and garage can find 87 possibilities? The most important issue is to price it right. You will need an objective professional to help you do this. If you are not inclined to take that Realtor’s advice at face value ask that person to show you the other houses that will likely be on the tour when they see your house. For instance if you have a 2 bedroom 1.5 bath brick gingerbread in South City, look at 3-5 other houses like yours that are for sale. When you are looking, be honest with yourself. How does your house compare? If you have a linoleum kitchen floor that is tearing at the seams and the house on the next block has ceramic tile, then your price needs to reflect that difference or you need to update your kitchen floor.

Ask yourself, “If I were buying my house today, what would I find unacceptable?” That’s where you start. Buyers have so many choices now that they are not willing to settle. Either the price of your home needs to reflect its condition or you need to get to work on that “Honey Do” List. If you want to sell in a reasonable amount of time you need to get to work on all the projects that you have been putting off.

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